Our story is your story.

I am the Fox, I am Atlanta. 

There is no place like the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. With magic, glamour, tradition and grit, our walls represent our city and reflect the people who live here. Take a look behind the curtain to get to know the Fox Theatre. Find your own story through ours, brought to life by the people that make up our great city.

I am the Future

Over the past 90 years, the Fox Theatre has become a force for change in Atlanta's arts community and beyond. The theatre stands on the shoulders of giants with a legacy that has paved the way for a bright future.

I am the Future, Behind the Scenes

There are no small roles, only small actors, in "Future." Take a look behind the curtain and discover the six talented young Atlantans who represent the production crew that brings every performance to life.

I am Unforgettable

The Fox Theatre has been home to countless unforgettable moments from first dates to wedding ceremonies. For generations the theatre has remained a tradition for families throughout our community.

I am Unforgettable, Behind the Scenes

Susan and Richard Sprayberry met for their first date at the Fox Theatre in 1960, it was a connection that would last a lifetime. Susan and Richard later became ushers and ambassadors of the Fox Theatre. Their lifelong adoration for each other is as palpable as their love of the Fox.

I am Magic

Diverse cultures make Atlanta magical and the Fox Theatre welcomes them all. With a variety of shows to serve all communities, the Fox is the home of mesmerizing moments in entertainment.

I am Magic, Behind the Scenes

The I Am the Fox spot “Magic” features Atlanta entrepreneur and filmmaker, Sam Herrera-Ramirez. She is a passionate advocate for the Latinx community and an ambitious creative.

I am Unstoppable

Known for it's charm and glamour, our theatre has drawn in the people of Atlanta for generations. The Fox Theatre has shared its success by supporting community theatres by providing preservation grants. The Fox's advocacy for the arts is truly unstoppable.

I am Unstoppable, Behind the Scenes

"Unstoppable" features trailblazing journalist and entertainer, Robin Meade, national TV's longest-running female morning anchor. Just as Robin has proven her longevity in media, so too has the Fox Theatre for the arts community.

I am a Survivor

Over the past 90 years, the Fox Theatre has outlived trends, persisted through adversity, and solidified its iconic status. As a survivor, the Fox continues to remain relevant and cultivate culture in Atlanta.

I am a Survivor, Behind the Scenes

In the first of the I Am The Fox commercial series, Survivor channels and celebrates the legendary history of the Fox Theatre. The story of the grassroots Save the Fox campaign of the 1970’s is brought to life in this spoken word performance. 

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