Our story is your story.

I am the Fox, I am Atlanta. 

There is no place like the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. With magic, glamour, tradition and grit, our walls represent our city and reflect the people who live here. Take a look behind the curtain to get to know the Fox Theatre. Find your own story through ours, brought to life by the people that make up our great city. 

I am a Survivor

Over the past 90 years, the Fox Theatre has outlived trends, persisted through adversity, and solidified its iconic status. As a survivor, the Fox continues to remain relevant and cultivate culture in Atlanta.

I am a Survivor, Behind the Scenes

In the first of the I Am The Fox commercial series, Survivor channels and celebrates the legendary history of the Fox Theatre. The story of the grassroots Save the Fox campaign of the 1970’s is brought to life in this spoken word performance.