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Broadway Subscriber Memberships

Broadway Subscriber Memberships to the Marquee Club are an excellent addition to your Fifth Third Bank Broadway In Atlanta season subscription. 

Once your season subscription has been purchased through Broadway in Atlanta (800-278-4447),  contact Laura Zimbrick at (404) 881-2127 / [email protected]  or Savanna Padgett at (404) 881-2107 / [email protected] to purchase your Broadway Subscriber Membership to the Marquee Club today!

By purchasing a Broadway Subscriber Membership to the Marquee Club, you will be granted access for the performance for which you have tickets through your subscription. You will need one membership for every seat in your subscription.

2018/2019 Broadway Subscriber Memberships

Cost - $600

  • One club access pass for every Broadway show in the regular season 
  • Two transfers per year
  • Access to all club amenities, excluding priority access to tickets, ticketing concierge, and self-parking.

Additional Features

Transfers: the ability of a member to grant their club access pass to another person in place of the member
Club access is only permitted with a ticket to the proceeding performance
Multi-year memberships available