Fox Gives, the community partnerships initiative of the Fox Theatre, specializes in breathing new life into historic theaters and communities across Georgia and the Southeast. Born from the legacy of Atlanta's own Fox Theatre—a beacon of cultural revival and community uplift—Fox Gives extends a helping hand to other cultural landmarks striving to rejuvenate and reenergize their communities.

At the heart of Fox Gives is our commitment to preservation and economic development, offering a blend of financial support, restoration expertise, and operational mentoring. We're not just about preserving buildings; we're about enriching communities and unlocking the potential of every member, especially our youth.

Since its inception in 2008 to address the needs of Georgia's historic theaters, Fox Gives has evolved, providing over $3.2 million in support and extending its wisdom to over seventy theaters. But our mission goes beyond theaters and their immediate communities. With initiatives like the All-Access Pass Program, we're opening the eyes of high school students to the myriad possibilities within the arts. By showcasing the behind-the-scenes magic of entertainment, we aim to ignite students' passions and reveal paths to fulfilling careers in the creative sector. Fox Gives stands as a beacon for historic preservation, professional growth, and the discovery of true potential for students and cultural institutions alike. Join us in our journey to preserve, share, strengthen, and inspire the next generation. 



Education Programs

Fox in a Box

Fox in a Box is an interactive school exhibit that focuses on how important events in the Fox Theatre’s timeline intersect with key classroom lessons. Click below to learn more about how to schedule Fox in a Box.  

All-Access Pass

The newly launched All-Access Pass program is designed to open doors for high school students interested in the arts, offering them a complementary behind-the-scenes look at the many careers in the entertainment field. Unlike the elementary-focused "Fox in a Box" initiative, All-Access Pass invites high school students to learn about the critical backstage roles—from lighting and sound to stage and venue management—that make a production come to life. Through partnerships with local educators and industry experts, participants will enjoy complimentary admission to select shows, as well as interactive discussions that reveal the path to working in the world of entertainment. Following the inaugural year, in which schools will be selected by the Fox Theatre to participate, this initiative will benefit students from two schools that are selected through an annual application process and one from the community associated with the Fox Theatre’s new Multiyear Grant Program. 

Restoration & Preservation Grants

Fox Gives Grant Program
The Fox Gives Grant Program's goal is to award funding for historic theatres in the state of Georgia and when possible in the southeast. Grants will be awarded to projects designed to provide significant economic and cultural impact to the communities they serve. Grant award winners often additionally receive operations expertise and guidance through seminars, and strategic planning fostering professional development. 

Multiyear Grant Program

Starting July 1, 2024, the Fox Theatre is excited to introduce a new Multiyear Grant program to further foster economic and community development through arts and culture. This innovative funding approach supports a single organization over a two- to four-year period. With a history of contributing $3.2 million to historic theaters across the Southeast through its single-year grant program, this new initiative represents a deepening of the Fox’s commitment, pledging up to $500,000 per recipient to make a more lasting impact. Additionally, to support students' educational aspirations in these communities, the program will award a $5,000 college scholarship to a deserving student from the grantee community after the 2024/2025 academic year. 

The first grantee under this new program will be the Hart County Community Theatre in Hartwell, Georgia, which will receive $500,000 to aid in the restoration of their century-old venue, building on a previous emergency grant of $23,000 awarded in the 2022/2023 fiscal year.

Georgia Presenters

Georgia Presenters is a statewide booking consortium, founded and managed by the Fox Theatre, that encourages collaboration among arts presenters in Georgia and the region.

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