Staff by Department

The staff of the Fox Theatre understands that this venue holds a special place in many people’s hearts, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We call it “The Fox Experience.” We hope you enjoy your experience here at the Fox! Please, take a moment to meet our staff.

  • Allan C. Vella
    President & CEO
  • William Renshaw
    Vice President & CFO
  • Jamie Vosmeier
    Vice President of Sales & Marketing
  • Faustina Brooks
    Director of Finance
  • April Sutton
    Director of Human Resources
  • Lucy Lawler-Freas
    Director of Programming
  • Shelly Kleppsattel
    Booking & Contract Manager
  • Lisa Marie Malovoz
    Director of Production
  • Saxton Scott
    Director of Food & Beverage
  • Rachel Bomeli
    Vice President of Facility Operations
  • Leigh Burns
    Director of Community Partnerships
  • Aly Grubb
    Director of Sales & Marketing
  • Ben Dostal
    Director of Ticketing
  • Lucy Raheja
    Sales Manager
  • Scott Christopher
    Director of Operations
  • Menika Fowler
    Security Manager