Fox Theatre Group Sales Ticket Policy

At the Fox Theatre, we are dedicated to upholding the integrity and fairness of our ticket sales, particularly for group purchases. Our goal is to ensure that as many genuine fans and groups as possible can experience our performances. To achieve this, we have established the following guidelines:

Group Tickets Use: Group tickets are primarily intended for use by the purchasing organization or individual. The Fox Theatre strictly prohibits the sale of group tickets to known ticket brokers, professional resellers, scalpers, or similar entities. Any reselling, transferring, or distributing of group tickets for commercial gain is forbidden. Tickets found to be resold in violation of this policy will be voided.

Legitimate Ticket Transfers: We understand that plans can change, and the original purchaser of a group ticket may need to transfer their tickets. Such transfers are permitted under these conditions:

  • The transfer is not for commercial gain and is conducted at face value or less.
  • The transfer is to another individual or group who will be the end user of the tickets.

Monitoring and Compliance: Our Group Sales department vigilantly monitors transactions to prevent dealings with ticket brokers. We reserve the right to flag accounts exhibiting suspicious activity, which includes purchasing more than 100 tickets per show*. Sales agents are responsible for identifying and reporting suspicious activities to protect our genuine patrons.

Ticket Office Role: Our Ticket Office Associates play a vital role in spotting unusual activities that might indicate ticket broker involvement. This includes multiple calls from individuals holding tickets not in their name, accounts with multiple orders for the same show, and references to purchasing tickets from non-consumer-centric resell sites.

Penalties for Non-Compliance: Accounts found engaging in broker activities may lose the ability to purchase future tickets and Fox Theatre memberships. Sales agents knowingly selling to brokers face disciplinary action, up to termination.

Ticket Availability: All group sales are contingent on ticket availability as determined by the Fox Theatre.

Note on Show Limits: *'Per show' refers to a run of performances of the same title, such as a Broadway presentation of 'Hairspray' with 8 performances during a run, counting as one show for the 100-ticket limit. Accounts with the same beneficial ownership will be treated as one and subject to these limitations.